Lloret de Mar becomes a leading venue for international folklore festivals

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Over 2,500 people, mainly from Russia and Eastern European countries, have chosen the town to stage their song and dance festivals.

Since the start of June, various municipal and private venues in Lloret have been enjoying a  high occupancy level thanks to the arrival of several traditional song and dance festivals, mainly from Russia and Eastern Europe. These festivals join the many concert performances by bands from Germany, the UK and Holland that are staged throughout the year.

Lloret de Mar is a good destination for these groups thanks to its proximity to the beach, which they consider a very attractive option for leisure time, its extensive range of accommodation, offering several performance facilities, and an excellent strategic location that makes it easy to travel to cities such as Barcelona and Girona to stage other performances.

From 27th to 29th June, the town will be hosting the 3rd International Festival of Folklore and Dance, featuring 1,400 participants belonging to various dance groups and choirs. Thirteen nationalities will be represented at the event, with many Eastern European countries taking part, such as Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Slovenia, along with other European countries such as Ireland and Italy, and countries from even further afield, such as Indonesia. Over the three days of the festival the groups will dress in the traditional costumes of their respective regions.

Two other festivals are also being held over the coming days, the International Festival of Stars of the Costa Brava and Fiestalonia, featuring performances by promising young singers and dancers from the Balkans.