Discover the city and encourage teamwork with a multitude of cultural, nature, sports, gastronomy proposals…

We want you to experience Lloret de Mar, to really discover it, to feel like a local and to fall in love with its essence. Discover a unique coastline of beaches and coves, along a coastal footpath. Try out rowing in a llagut, a traditional Costa Brava boat. Feel like James Bond for a day or learn how to cook the dishes our seafarers made as they set off for the Americas. Or start your day with yoga or mindfulness sessions right next to the beach or in spectacular historical gardens set on a clifftop…

Enjoy Lloret de Mar: feel it, get inspired, taste it!

Discover Lloret de Mar and its culture through mini challenges and experiences for all five senses: a fun team challenge in which local gastronomy, music and art take centre stage.

Divided into teams, you follow a route through the picturesque old quarter of Lloret de Mar and along its seafront. Set out on a paper map, the route also displays the checkpoints where you will have the chance to enjoy and complete four challenges and experiences, choosing between a daiquiri workshop (a cocktail with roots in Lloret), a blind tasting of tapas in one of the town’s legendary cellars, a paper boat race at beautiful Sa Caleta Beach, a workshop devoted to the trencadís (broken pottery) technique in a Catalan modernist venue, or a traditional human tower-building workshop. The winning team will be the one that shows the most skill, talent and creativity on the route. Welcome to Lloret!

Customisable and led by actors, Lloret Experience gives participants the chance to visit some of the town’s most famous spots and to have some authentic local experiences.


Duration 3h. aprox.

Number of people min. 15 – max. 100

Objective Team building/ Incentive

Partners Amfívia

The traditional Mediterranean rowing

Are you ready to take on a challenge aboard a traditional Catalan rowing boat? The llagut is one of the most legendary boats in the Mediterranean. After a brief description of the origins of the boat and the basic principles of operating one, the group is divided into teams of eight participants, who will row their respective llaguts under the supervision and instructions of a helmsman. The teams are given some time to practice their rowing technique at sea, after which the eagerly awaited competition gets underway: the winning team will be the one that most successfully manages to coordinate itself and to follow the helmsman’s instructions most efficiently.Communication, discipline and perseverance: the Lloret de Mar llagut regatta is the ultimate Costa Brava teambuilding experience. All aboard!


Duration 1:30 – 2 h. aprox.
Number of people min. 8 – max. 30 (if only rowing boats)
Objective Team building/ Incentive

Partners Amfívia 

Wellbeing by the Mediterranean sea

The following activities are aimed at helping us to hit the pause button and gain more self-awareness. Looking after our health, beauty and balance, striving to improve our wellbeing through the effectiveness of treatments and personalised assistance. A set of integrated health activities to enjoy right next to the beach.


Lloret Experience Treatment

This sensory journey back in time takes in Lloret de Mar’s origins as a fishing village, with its many nets, its Indiano legacy (represented here by cigars), the arrival of the first tourists and the subsequent boom in sun and sand tourism, before bringing you back to the present day. You’ll discover the town’s history through various techniques, sensations and aromas.


Duration 50 minutes

Objective Incentive

Number of people  min. 5 – max. 12

Partners  Institut GEM (Guitart Hotels)


Meditational Storytelling, Harmonic Concert and Feeling the Landscape

Participants are given the chance to enjoy a wonderful, fun, intense, deep and creative story-based experience involving meditation and instrument sounds that will facilitate both their personal growth and the growth of their company and team. Alternatively, they have the chance to take part in a harmonic concert – a great sensory experience using sounds from nature: birds, insects, leaves, trees, sea, wind, etc. This activity incudes an explanation of the health-giving effects of harmonic sounds and sounds from nature. Participants can also feel the landscape through forest and sea bathing, and harmonic sounds, starting with silence as the leitmotiv of the experience. All of this and more can be enjoyed in Lloret de Mar.


Duration 1.30h.  -2h

Objective Incentive

Number of people  min. 5 – max. 20

Partners Hotel Santa Marta 


Yoga Session

An early morning yoga session next to the sea might well be the best possible way to start your working day. The beach, the forest and our health and wellness facilities will make this experience complete. From Santa Clotilde Gardens to Sa Boadella Beach…


Duration 1.30h. aprox.

Objective Incentive

Number of people  min. 5 – max. 20

Partners request LCB



The Americano’s cuisine

Cook and taste the typical cuisine of Lloret de Mar

Discover the Americano cuisine of Lloret de Mar, the roots of the town’s present-day cuisine. The Indianos, known in Lloret as Americanos, were Lloret townsfolk who returned home after making their fortune in the Americas. This cuisine is a compendium of traditional seafaring cuisine and dishes that have arrived from all over the world (ship cuisine, chocolate cuisine…). Participants in the activity are split into teams and learn how to make some of the 21 dishes in our Indiano recipe book, combined with new signature cuisine recipes. This journey takes you back to Lloret’s past, to a time when its shipyards worked nonstop to build ships destined for the Americas, and then whisks you off into a cosmopolitan future of signature cuisine, giving you the chance to enjoy a unique, original and top-quality activity.


Duration 3 – 4h.
Number of people min. 15 – max. 60
Objective Incentive, Team building

Partners: Studio 66

James Bond for a day

Would you like to feel like James Bond for a day?

Well, don’t miss out on the teambuilding activity offered by the Gran Casino Costa Brava.

Three casino games will be played in teams: poker, American roulette and blackjack. Each game has its own rules and characteristics. After learning the basic rules, participants will take part in a poker, blackjack, American roulette and Caribbean stud poker tournament. The main purpose of this motivational activity is to give participants the chance, outside the work setting, to develop and work on a set of essential values and skills for their company, facilitating the achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals.

Meanwhile, participants learn a lot about themselves and their colleagues in terms of competencies, fostering much more fluid relations for the smooth running of the company.


Duration 3 h
Number of people min. 10 –  max.  150/160
Objective Team building

Partners Gran Casino Costa Brava 

Golf Experience

This introduction to pitch & putt is a dynamic group activity that gives participants the chance to learn the basic rules of the game, acquire some skills and compete with their colleagues in a mini tournament. The location is a superb golf course set in the heart of a Mediterranean forest. The activity is rounded off with a trophy ceremony and some refreshments.

The pitch & putt activity can be combined with an introduction to padel (a tennis-squash hybrid). A bespoke mini tournament with your colleagues is a great way to spend some time together.


Duration 2- 3h.

Objective Team building/ Incentive
Number of people min. 4 – max. 150/300

Partners Golf Lloret, Pàdel Pitch & Putt 

Kayak Adventure

Discover the hidden corners of the Costa Brava through kayaking.

Following some basic instructions on using the boat and safety measures, the activity gets underway and it is time to explore some unique spots along the local coastline. Participants in this team excursion set off from Fenals Beach, navigating their way through narrow channels between rocks (locally known as freus), exploring the scenery and visiting three coves: Sa Boadella, Santa Cristina and Treumal. If the sea is calm enough, we will stop off at S’Agulla in order to enjoy a swim in crystal-clear water.

The kayaking activity can also be combined with stand-up paddle boarding, dividing the group into two and giving participants the chance to learn two different techniques.


Duration 3.5 h
Objective Team building
Number of people min. 12 – màx. 25/30

Partners Transbrava 

Tech Hunters Lloret: interactive team challenge

Our Tech Hunters urban team challenge, designed by local historians, is a fun, interactive team activity that enables teams to discover the best-kept secrets of Lloret de Mar, its Indiano and seafaring culture, and its main landmarks.

Divided into teams and with the help of an iPad, participants use the Tech Hunters App to follow a GPS trail and complete the creative challenges set during the activity. Moreover, they can communicate with the other teams and check the ranking and location of all the participating groups in real time. Meanwhile, our Big Brother will control the game and make it a dynamic experience, interacting with and assisting all the teams. Customisable, flexible, and aimed at fostering fun, for one day Tech Hunters Lloret will turn the town into a playing field filled with challenges and surprises.


Duration 2 – 3h.
Number of peoples  min.15 – unlimited
Objective Team building, Incentive

Partners Amfívia

Nordic Walking Ride

Nordic walking and orienteering: a team activity in the heart of nature.

This activity offers a combination of Nordic walking and orienteering in the stunning setting of Lloret’s forests and hiking trails. Various options are available in terms of length and toughness in order to ensure that the route meets the demands and capabilities of all the participants.

The activity gets underway with some brief instructions on Nordic walking and mountain orienteering techniques. The group will then be provided with all the material necessary to embark on the challenge: Nordic walking poles, map, compass, checkpoint sheet and water. The starting signal then sounds, and participants begin the challenge in the forests and along the coastal footpath of Lloret de Mar.


Duration 3.5 h
Number of people min.12 – max. 30/45
Objective Incentive, Team building

Partners Nordic Walking Estrajo

Costa Brava Classic

Between the sea and the mountains, a stroll along the Costa Brava.


Culture and nature. Dive in and explore the Costa Brava coastline, starting at Santa Clotilde Gardens and rounding off the experience with a meal right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Our guides will welcome you at Santa Clotilde Gardens. These spectacular historical gardens, inspired by the Italian Renaissance model, are set in a fabulous   spot on the Costa Brava. Your visit will be followed by a boat trip, starting at Fenals Beach, giving you the chance to explore from the sea the cliff-dominated coastline of Lloret de Mar and the Costa Brava.

The boat will drop you off at one of the five main beaches of Lloret de Mar, where you will round off your trip with a gourmet lunch or dinner in one of the town’s seafront restaurants.


Duration 50 minutes

Objective Incentive

Minimum/Maximum 5 – 15 people

 Partners Catamaran Sensation, Dofijet, Official guides service



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